Virtual camps

Maybe you were prepared to join an environmental workcamp and work in nature for two weeks. Maybe you wanted to help renovate an old castle or build a playground. Maybe you wanted to support a non-profit festival or a social project. You were probably looking forward to learning new skills and meeting new friends. At this moment, however, due to the spread of the new coronavirus, borders are closed, flights are suspended and entire countries are in lockdown. That means, of course, that it is impossible for many volunteers to travel. It also means that workcamps which were planned for the next weeks have to be cancelled.

But let’s look on the bright side – it is still possible to meet people from all over the world online! So join a virtual camp and volunteer in a different way!

We offer you to join one of our camps realized by SFERA and our partners.


“Be responsible, Internet User” is a project devoted to the topic of cybersecurity and basics of Internet behaviour. From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole world started to spend much more time online: our study, work, leisure activities, communications with friends and family etc.: these days everything moved to the Internet. What is more important, we all understand that the problem of cybersecurity will increase from year to year, and it is within our power to take a little step towards a safe future Internet.

During the camp we will work in three stages:

– In the first part, we will try to consider some essential questions: what threats exist on the Internet (and why do they exist?), how to protect ourselves etc. Our invited experts will kindly help us to understand these problems and how we can deal with them.

In the second part of our project we will create a brochure in English/our national languages on the basic rules of using the Internet and share them via different social networks.

And finally we collectively will prepare an online course for the older generation how to be safe on the Internet. We are going to do that because nowadays a lot of elderly people started to use the web for different
purposes. It means that they can face different Internet temptations (spam letters, advertisements etc.), and it is our opportunity to help them to deal with a new challenge.

When: 1-14 of July 2020 (free weekends)

How many hours: 1-1.5 h per day

Where: fully online

Apply: Volunteer Sign-up Form

2. EcoHabits

Are you familiar with the concept of an ecological footprint? Would you like to start changing your habits to have less impact on nature? Then this camp is for you. During this week, we will look at different areas of our lives from the point of view of ecology. We will have discussions, business games, thematic quizzes and a challenge based on habits. At the end of the camp, each participant will calculate their environmental footprint before and after the quarantine and create a tracker of habits that they will continue to develop after the camp.

When: 3-7 of August 2020

How many hours: 2 h per day

Online camp: Zoom and WhatsApp

Apply: Volunteer Sign-up Form

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Pawel at