Петра Перне о лагере “Лукоморье”, Б. Болдино

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The camp simply exceeded my expectations. I instantly fell in love with Boldino and after a week of living there, it felt like home.

The group was amazing. Six completely different characters with different cultural backgrounds seemed a bit of a challenge at the beginning, but during the time spent together, we managed to create a space of tolerance, acceptance, multicultural dialogue and love.

We really enjoyed the work in Pushkin’s park in Boldino and Lvovka. Just being surrounded by all this breathtaking nature and a presence of Puskin’s spirit was a blessing.

The local people were super kind and always prepared to help.

What can I advise to volunteers who are going to Russia the first time? Be open. Embrace the Russian culture and people, and maybe learn some basics of Russian language, before you come, it will make the whole experience easier for you.

What else to say…I truly hope I will return one day.

Petra Perne, Slovenia 2018