Оксана Кирсанова с первыми впечатлениями от проекта в Болгарии

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Have you ever thought how time is fleeting? Every day we live a tiny life, and I believe it’s good to set ourselves some plans we want to fulfill today, without forgetting the little joys, like a morning cup of coffee.

Several months ago, I realised that I wanted a change in my life. At the time I came across news about volunteering abroad through the Erasmus+ Youth & European Solidarity Corps on one of the social media sites, I thought that this was my ticket to a happy change. I contacted Russian organisation that helps to find volunteer opportunities. Thus, Sfera Movement has become my sending organisation. I was hoping to find a project where I could highlight my strengths and learn new about marketing. Therefore, I ended up on a project in sunny Bulgaria and became a part of the BG Be Active Association team.

I love to travel and discover new places. This is not my first long trip, but it’s no less exciting. It has been a month since I started my volunteering project in Bulgaria, and I think this year will be full of interesting events and moving opportunities. I would say I enjoy living in Plovdiv; it has its own charm. There are many beautiful streets, tasty cafés, and ancient buildings: Plovdiv holds a lot of history. Moreover, I cannot help but enjoy the presence of coffee shops: it’s nice to work with my laptop or just enjoy the view. Last week I attended the Russian Speaking Club and was pleasantly surprised that people were interested in learning Russian. We also took part in a clean-up event for World Habitat Day.

If you ask me why I chose this project, the answer is quite simple: my work here is related to marketing & communications projects, which is my area of interest. I hope this opportunity will be another stepping stone to my future in marketing. Another reason is that BG Be Active is dealing with truly significant tasks and projects on both national and a global level. It is nice to know that you are part of such a great project with professional and nice people. Last, but not least, I am happy that Bulgaria doesn’t have harsh winters, so I enjoy the weather here. Greetings to all those in Russian cities where the weather has gone below zero degrees. It’s going to get colder. I know how it feels!

Even though I have just started my journey here, I already feel involved in some projects. Currently, I’m in the process of developing a strategy plan for Twitter and Instagram channels, which gives me a chance to immerse myself in the organization’s projects. I am very impressed by BG Be Active mission to develop and change the communities and cities in Bulgaria, and what is more vital, to create opportunities for people to be part of these changes.

Let me stop here for today about my first month in Bulgaria and I will definitely come back with more impressions and stories about the project and volunteer life💜

Автор: Кирсанова Оксана