В базе проектов появились интересные волонтерские лагеря в Испании на этот волонтерский сезон. Описание и даты по ссылке ниже. Все проекты открыты для участников 18+.

1. ES-CAT 12.3 Villagers and Local Culture Connected

Даты: 27 июня - 11 июля

Описание: Hostalric is a village in Catalunya with around 4000 residents. This workcamp was held in 2015 and it was a success, so it will happen again in 2016 aiming at the research, dissemination, preservation of the natural and historic heritage; intercultural exchange between the volunteers and villagers; creating awareness for local residents and neighbours about how important it is to value cultural heritage and also get to know volunteers from all over the World.

2. ES-CAT 12.2 (More Than A) Reggae Festival
Даты: 10 -17 июля
Описание: Nowa Reggae is a festival of Jamaican music and cultural and sporting activities held during the month of July in Vilanova i Geltru in several areas of the city. The Nowa Reggae Festival is unique due to its size and the locations of its concerts. It has become a leading benchmark in Catalonia and considered one of the best in the rest of the country thanks to the wide range of activities it offers, the combination of Jamaican musical styles, and the exceptional location where it takes place: in a cottage on the beach 45 km from Barcelona.
Даты: 6 - 20 августа
Описание: Santa Coloma in Transition' is an ecological initiative which works to promote and develop sustainable living as part of the "transitions towns" movement. The core values of the project are cooperation, sustainability, self-sufficiency, ecology and responsibility. The workcamp will focus on cleaning around the Gaià river.

4. ES-CAT 5.1 Fair of Solidarity Economy
Даты: 17 - 24 октября
Описание: Organized by XES (Catalonian Network of Solidarity Economy), the aim of this workcamp is to promote and teach about Solidarity Economy, an alternative, strongly cooperative, economy in service of people. FESC is a fair that will celebrate its 6th anniversary this year, and which aims to show, in a same space, a good number of business' and association's projects relying on economic values different from capitalism.
Даты: 21 июля - 4 августа
Описание: Rabanales de Aliste is a small town located in the province of Zamora. As many other in the region of Castilla, is struggling against unstoppable depopulation and general decay of rural culture, plus aging of its population. The whole neighbourhood is committed to search alternatives for their common future. Preservation of cultural is a very important role in all their planning. The presence of international volunteers brings life and joy to the everyday life of the people of the village.
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