Our summer 2014 was definitely unforgettable! I could find dozens of words to describe our amazing experience in taking part in Most Camp, however I dont wanna waste your time with empty phrases. Let me tell you how it all was.


After our arrival to Shepsi, we started joking, what kind of brave people we are to come to a russian camp as kids leaders. Yet, few days passed and we realized, there is no need to be brave to be here. All what is required from you is positive attitude, loads of energy, ability to exist without enough sleep, good relationship with the children and last but not least patience! You dont even have to speak russian, the kids are gonna teach you all what you need to know. Pashli ribjata, kde djoti? my chatim spať!


Environment in the camp was truly international. You could find guys from Italy, Vienna, Egypt, Albania, Indonesia, Africa, though, few of them were good russian speakers! :) Our group of „brave“ volunteers consisted of representatives of Czech and Slovakia, which are not one country anymore by the way. :) This is us, starting from left: Jakub, Michal, Viktoria, Simona and David, during the very last day of camp. Basically, we were the first ones to arrive there, and the last ones saying good-bye. We enjoyed our time to the fullest.



Probably you are wondering what was our „job description“ like. Well, would you believe me if I tell you, there is no specific description of what we were doing? From the very early morning, till very very late night (including occasional night trips to the beach), our task was to be helpful. With everything around the children (organizing, delegating, caring, entertaining). This is us again, and again on the beach. But trust me, after all the days full of hard work, we deserved a rest. 



Most Camp is over, but the moments we experienced are going to stay in our hearts as wonderful memories for a very long time. I am sure that in this I speak for each of us. 

I hope our experience will encourage more people to take a volunteering part in this amazing project. What else can I say, see you next year in MOST CAMP. 

Last pic from our collection, this time with our Indonesian friend Saragi. :)




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