Christian Jones

I would recommend this camp to anyone that loves working with children.

Martyna Pawlak

You never know in which moment of your project you might hear so beautiful words as I did.

Anna Popowska

I love children, even i studied pedagogy but I didn't expect how hard and how satisfying this work can be.

Rastislav Bolf

Experiences I got will last for my whole life.

Tomek Zawisko

I had a lot of run in this job and I really miss my colleagues and especially children.

Katharina Betker

It ‘s a great chance to make something you would like, e.g.develop a project on your and also to spend good time at a really comfortable and cosy working place.

Artjom Ovtsarov

One most important thing I would like to highlight and repeat again and again: this is YOUR EVS, YOU are making your project, and it will be the way you create it.

Antonio Elia

And it was the very cultural difference between my land and theirs that gave me a lot and made me learn lots of things, in my opinion, incredibly easily, spontaneously, effectively and immediately, it was never boring at all.

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