Magdalena Rutana

Wish all the future volunteers to USE all those precious moments during EVS, because they will not happen again!

Giovanni Cavallaro

This volunteering year gave me without any doubt the chance to meet people from everywhere in Europe and beyond but also to get to know better the Russian way of life and the language.

Karin Ritt

Going to Russia is not easy, counting in the visa procedure and stuff, but it is definitely worth it!

Margaux le Moigne

I’ll never forget: my friends volunteers and Russians, gretshka and Smetana, Ludmilla Viktorovna from the library, crossing the frozen Volga, Hiking in the Urals mountains, The sun rise in the Baikal and the Russian soul.

Marios Karampaglidis

My best moment came when a mother told me that her 17-year-old deaf son danced for the first time in his life, because I was dancing along with the children.

Isabella Tilly

The Russian spirit is captivating.

Simona Jaglinska

I did my EVS in Russia, because I breaked many stereotypes, found out various new things, met so many open-hearted, very friendly and hospitable people, did many things the first time in my life and fell in love with the Russian winter.

Angela Maria Filomena Demuro

First of all it gave me the possibility to feel myself helpful and satisfied with the work I was doing.

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