Artjom Ovtsarov

One most important thing I would like to highlight and repeat again and again: this is YOUR EVS, YOU are making your project, and it will be the way you create it.

Antonio Elia

And it was the very cultural difference between my land and theirs that gave me a lot and made me learn lots of things, in my opinion, incredibly easily, spontaneously, effectively and immediately, it was never boring at all.

Michal Kuracina

Teaching children, living in new environment, meeting locals and foreigners has changed me a lot.

Jose Pisa

I was volunteer 9 months in Children’s Library and I can say that was a wonderful experience.

Renata Ubaviciute

New people, different activities, more new people, traveling, living with other volunteers like one big happy CRAZY family, doing all these 'first times in your life', making new friends. I just loved it!

Danila di Nunzio

There is no such thing as an Evs experience in Russia!

Ivana Dikantova

Six months full of activities, travelling, meeting new people, cooking and eating new meals, ...

Tanja Fraundorfer

And even if it was sometimes hard because I didn’t speak Russian, there was all the time somebody who was ready to help me.

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