«My name is Katarína Jančeková. I am from one little big country called Slovakia. I was one of the  volunteers during the summer camp called HOPE. This camp was situated in Smolensk in the rehabilitation center called Vischenki. I have had a chance to meet the disabled children but with big hearts, they gave me a lot, they gave me more than I could give them. This was everything possible without speaking Russian. Because my level of Russia was at the beginning level. I experienced a lot. Activities like playing with children and having fun with them, completed cleaning the lake with very friendly Russian, older people, meet the Russians from other camp, experiences of Russian life, food, tradition, dances, songs, culture. Russia is significant , magnificent country for me with lot of opportunities of everything. I appreciate that I had a chance to be there and experience the camp and be as a volunteer there».



«If you like surprises, go to Russia!

What made my EVS so surprising were certain things that weren´t as arranged in advance. But although not everything could be solved. I must admit that good people and determination to help out weighted all the troubles and I was kindly surprised how Russia can drag you in its world. If you have adventurous spirit, love traveling and people...

Feel free, pack your bags and let Russia impress you!!!»



«Hello, My name is Katarína Prevužňáková from Slovak republic and I want to share my thoughts about my volunteering with hadicaped children in rehabilitation centre „Vishenki“ in Smolensk.

I would like to start with the reason why I have chosen this project. First reason is that I like Russia and it is my favourite country. Secondly, I like children a lot.

In rehabilitation centre „Vishenski“ we worked with handicaped children, we played with them, talked to them, realised many manual works and; moreover, we joined various kinds of other events. It was a great oportunity to represent myself or my country and also to learn a lot.

I would like to express my feelings about my time in Smolensk in short: It was very valuable time because what I have experience in the centre with handicaped children will be a part of me for the rest of my life. Even though I tried to give my energy to the children, I think that I got a lot more...».





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