Read the story of those who could do it in the middle of the Taiga forrest!


10 brave volunteers from all over the world turned out to be brave enough to travel to the North of Russia in order to help to the National Park "Ugyd va" which is a part of the UNESCO Heritage site "Virgin Komi forests". During 10 days, the volunteers were cleaning the territory of the park collecting garbage left from conscienceless tourists, and setting up special signs. Every evening they were rewarded with going to real wild Russian banya (sauna) and discovered what was like to live in the Taiga forest like a local.  This expedition and help is the best present that the volunteers could possibly give for the 95th anniversary f the Komi republic.

And this is what they say: 
Singing by the bonfire, reading poems, dancing, playing games, cooking delicious food, chatting about anything in the world. All the above things really helped us not only to introduce Russian culture to our foreign friends, but to lear a lot for ourselves as well. The most pleasant thing was to see dedication and motivation of the volunteers. And when you hear them telling that next year they will definitely bring their friends here and asking what else they can do, you feel that everything was not in vain and for good reason.
- Maksim, camp-leader
Finally! Blessings of civilization: internet connection, shops, and shower. 10 days in Taiga! Who would have thought! That was a total mind reboot! But now, I clearly realize, that I would trade all these civilization blessings to staying in that beautiful place at least for a few more days. We covered 130 km ny boat along breathtaking landscapes of the Norther Urals, we made a path to the mountain Tima-iz (something to be proud of, right?). We found bear prints, tried cloudberry for the first time, made herbal tea, swam in cold and fresh white water..simply caught the vibes of the wild Taiga!


- Anna, volunteer


So, we are really thankful to our partners and wonderful volunteers for making it possible. Bring your friends and join us next summer!


The camp was organized in cooperation with the Center of Youth Initiative Support based on the Ministry of Education and Youth Policy of the Komi Republic, Russia.

Cooking traditional dish "Vareniky"
Meet huckleberry vareniky
Bear print
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