EVS is a great opportunity you cannot miss out!

EVS is a great opportunity you cannot miss out!

I finished my experience in Nizhny Novgorod a few weeks ago, and I realize that it was just what I needed. It filled my life with renovated energy and joy.

Thanks to EVS I got the chance to work every day in a kindergarten for children with disabilities, alongside an experienced elder teacher. She was usually the only one taking care of an entire class of seventeen children with disabilities aged between three and five, certainly an exhausting job!


EVS project is something that changes your life. It can be beautiful, interesting, exciting; it can be heavy, boring, complicated.

EVS impressions of Sara from Sweden


I went for EVS in Nizhny Novgorod for 9 months, although I stayed 10 months since I didn't want to leave this amazing country or my dear friends. 

MOST camp - our story!

Our summer 2014 was definitely unforgettable! I could find dozens of words to describe our amazing experience in taking part in Most Camp, however I dont wanna waste your time with empty phrases. Let me tell you how it all was.

EVS волонтеры из Словакии в Смоленске!

В августе в Смоленск по программе Европейской Волонтерской Службы с нашей поддержкой приехала группа из 10 волонтеров из Словакии. Они работали в реабилитационном центре «Вишенки». Вот что пишут ребята о своих впечатлениях о России:

EVS in Russia was one of the best times in my life. Why? It is hard to tell…

Hello, my name is Veronika, I am from Slovakia. I was a volunteer in Kirov helping in a lovely family center last 10 months. I came to Russia without any special knowledge about this huge country full of interesting contrasts that can teach you a lot if you are open to learn. Except how to fish on frozen river I also had a chance to know myself better by exploring “new” culture.

Marie Kucerova

How is it to be a volunteer in this school?

For every foreigner eager to explore a new culture cannot be nothing better than becoming a volunteer.

Lukas Mokry

Hello to everybody. My name is Lukas and I spent 6 months as an EVS volunteer in Nizhnyi Novgorod. 

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