SFERA Movement appeared in 2001 as a program of international exchanges within Regional social organization "Nizhny Novgorod Voluntary Service".
In the first year we realized one international voluntary workcamp in Russia and helped 11 volunteers from Russia to take part in workcamps all over the world. With every year quantity and quality of workcamps in Russia increased and more and more volunteers from Russia went abroad. In 2006 we organized already 18 internatinal workcamps in Russia and more than 600 people took part in camps abroad. 
In 2003 we started to work with European Commission program - EVS (European Voluntary Service), within which young people from EU countries undergo social service in Russia during 6-12 months, and Russian volunteers take part in similar projects in Europe. In 2003 it was sent and hosted 2 people for 6 months. Today quanity of hosted and sent volunteers amounts to several tens per year. 
With time geography of our partners widened, both inside the country - by the quantity of regions, involved into exchanges, and abroad - by the quantity of countries open for volunteers from Russia. It is the increased amount of regions, taking part in international exchanges that was the reason of SFERA Movement creation in 2007. 
Creation of SFERA Movement is aimed at uniting of efforts of all organizations, working in this area in Russian Federation. It allows our partners to have strong and sustainable position in local, federal and international structures. 
Our birthday is 6th of March 2007 :)
Main office is based in Nizhny Novgorod, together with "Nizhny Novgorod Voluntary Service".
© 2017 SFERA
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